Quickbooks Password Recovery

Need the Administrator password removed from your Quickbooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise or POS data file?

Look no further, we offer an easy and quick service to reset Quickbooks Admin passwords. To get you started, click the link below and send us your Quickbooks data file. After you fill out the form, you will receive instructions to upload your data file to our secure servers

See also: If you are unable to change the Quickbooks Admin password or Quickbooks goes into a loop when trying to change the admin password, the possible cause is the corruption of the Admin user account. The regular Admin Password Reset will not work in such cases.

To fix a corrupted Quickbooks Admin user account, the user account needs to be deleted and re-created. This cannot be done by the end user and requires a Quickbooks Repair service.

Some of the common causes of Quickbooks Admin user corruption include file crashes, operating system crashes, use of third-party applications or viruses. Fixing a corrupted admin user may have other implications since sensitive data in Quickbooks is encrypted using the Administrator password. he following data is encrypted using the Admin security key and if damaged, the following information may be lost:

  • Customer Credit cards
  • Vendor Tax IDs
  • Employee SSNs

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